Welcome to aiorobinhood’s documentation!

Asynchronous Robinhood HTTP client built using asyncio and aiohttp.

Getting Started

A simple example using the RobinhoodClient context manager.

import asyncio
import os

from aiorobinhood import RobinhoodClient

username = os.getenv("ROBINHOOD_USERNAME")
password = os.getenv("ROBINHOOD_PASSWORD")

async def main():
    async with RobinhoodClient(timeout=1) as client:
        await client.login(username, password)

        # Buy $10.50 worth of Apple
        await client.place_market_buy_order("AAPL", amount=10.5)

        # End session
        await client.logout()

if __name__ == "__main__":


aiorobinhood can be installed from PyPI.

$ pip install aiorobinhood

You can also get the latest code from GitHub.

$ pip install git+git://github.com/omikader/aiorobinhood


  • Python 3.7+

  • aiohttp

  • yarl